9th Art Gallery

Come visit us!


Do you like comic art drawings? We too! Come by to discover our 9th Art Gallery!

We display original drawings and serigraphs by artists such as: Manara, Avril, Marini, Juillard, Pratt, Teymans, Mirales, Minus, Berthet, Lapone, Gibrat, Casotto, Alvin and many others... At the Cellier we combine comic art drawings with bottles of wines, beers, rare and premium alcohols. We create playful universes for the pleasure of the senses. Diversion and dream.

All the illustrations published on our site and social medias are part of our collection and are submitted to copyrights of the respective copyright holders that we, every time, mention.

Are you a fan of a specific artist? You would like to decorate your interior and you are looking for a rare or even unique creation of art? We have a vast collection of drawings for you to discover! With or without frame. You choose!

Contact us for an appointment and who knows maybe you will find the hidden gem you were looking for!


We are taking care of your framing

We make top-of-the-range, custom-made frames. For your drawings or for the unframed drawings that we sell at the store. For more information come see us on the spot.